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District Notices

Annual AHERA Notice

AHERA is a federal law enacted in 1987, which requires all school districts to re-inspect facilities for asbestos containing building materials.  Our facilities have been inspected and response actions are planned to ensure a continued safe environment for our students and employees.  Activities include training of maintenance staff to prevent disturbance of asbestos and periodic re-inspection and surveillance activities by trained personnel.

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Pesticide Control

New York State Education Law Section 409-H, effective July 1, 2001, requires all public and non-public elementary and secondary schools to provide written notification to all persons in parental relation, faculty and staff regarding the potential use of pesticides periodically throughout the school year. The Prattsburgh Central District is required to maintain a list of persons in parental relation, faculty, and staff who wish to receive 48-hour prior written notification of certain pesticide applications. If you wish to receive notification, contact Kory G. Bay, Superintendent at 607-522-6211.