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Letter from Superintendent Kory Bay

Update on School Re-Opening August 7, 2020

Hello PCS families and community,


We just heard from Governor Cuomo that schools will be allowed to open in New York State as long as they are in a region where the average rate of positive tests is below 5%. At this point in time, we are in a region where we will be allowed to re-open.


However, I want to make sure everyone understands what that means to us in Prattsburgh. Even though we are allowed to open, we still have to follow all protocols, especially for health and safety, that are outlined in our re-opening plan. We do have a plan to have 100% of our students in attendance, but it is absolutely going to be a “new normal.” Please visit our re-opening plan where you can see all of the protocols that we are required to have inplace: School Re-Opening Plan

Now that we have a clearer path to re-opening, we are going to be reaching out to all of you for feedback since it is extremely important to know how all families are feeling about this updated information. While I understand that many people are excited to hear this news, I also understand that there are many of you with concerns and questions that still need to be answered. Beginning on Monday, August 10th, we will be calling all PCS families in order to collect the data that we need to finalize our plan. Please take the time to answer the few questions we have since the information you provide will shape our plan.


It is extremely important that we open up the lines of communication for the purpose of doing what is best for PCS students, as well as our faculty and staff. It is also important for everyone to understand that we need to work together to make this come together successfully.


Please reach out to me with any question at or 607-522-6211. I would be happy to answer any questions or listen to specific concerns.




Kory Bay